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Merlion Rojak

A Project by Nurulhazira and Sarah Cheok

Merlion Rojak is a short animated film about a Merlion selling rojak

at a local hawker centre. Since young, he has been conflicted by his

mixed identity as a fish and/or lion and is desperately trying to

find an answer.

  • Research and Development

Head Turntable & Poses

We wanted the merlion to look jaded and has a more pessimistic outlook. But on the other hand,

it also has a child--like and

wacky personality. 

On top of that, we wanted to break the conventional portrayal

of the merlion as the mascot of

Singapore. We feel that the

actual mascot does not have much personality and is portrayed as

the perfect symbol of tourism.

This is our attempt at trying to break that stereotype.

Tail Turntable & Poses